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The Invaders

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The Invaders

Publication date 1912
Digitizing sponsor New York Motion Picture Co.
A relatively sensitive story of a broken treaty between Native American tribes and the US by encroaching railroad men.

The film was restored by the Library of Congress, copied at 18fps from a 35mm print. For more information see the film's entry.


Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 18, 2010
Subject: Not a bad movie
Not a bad movie at all. The plotline is thin, some of the acting a little over-done, but it keeps you watching. The photography is very good. The production values acceptable.

My actual rating is closer to 4/5 as a film, but I'm in a very good mood so I'll give it 5/5.
Reviewer: katpooh9 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 10, 2009
Subject: Some of Indians' own history
I'm part Shawnee and I know that several tribes of American Indians (I don't know how extensive)have their own story about how they came to this land and found it already inhabited. They fought and wiped out the inhabitants, and then settled here. It's not a popularly known story however, because it does not fit the agenda of certain types of people who thrive and profit off "victim hood". It's especially hypocritical when they rant about America's past when they ignore the fact that slavery is presently being openly practiced in Muslim controlled countries and millions murdered or disappeared by atheistic governments like China, North Korea and the former Soviet Union. Somehow that's all ignored by the Libs who love to rake America over the coals. But it doesn't take much bravery to complain about a country that won't arrest you for complaining.
Reviewer: argon99 - - April 17, 2009
Subject: The Indians were savages!!
I find it very interesting that people today think that the indians "owned" any land at all. They have no word for ownership. We know that there was five different migrations over the land bridge. We know this from DNA testing and linguistics studies. Every migration forced the indians that where there off of "their land." Except when the tribe wasn't powerful enough to do that. Such as the eskimos. The eskimo were not powerful enough to drive the other indians from the land so they had to stay in the frozen north.

For a treaty to be valid it must be made with the group that can show "ownership." Just because someone is living on a bit of dirt doesn't mean they own it (Did you pay your rent this month? Just tell your landlord that you live in the house so now it's yours.)

The American Indians were the first terrorists. During the French and Indian war it was not uncommon for the indians to attack a home that had the men folk away. When they came back they would find that the Indians had skinned alive all the women and children and nailed the skins to the side of the cabin. It takes a long time to die this way.

The concept of the nobel savage is a fabrication to sell dime novels. If you want a good example of what life around the indians was like you can read about it on-line. PBS has a very good article written by a man that as a buffalo runner. He talks about life with the Indians. The link to the article is:

It's well worth the read.
Reviewer: uglygeorge - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 9, 2005
Subject: Bleeding-Heart-Libs Return Indians' Money!
Ugly George DEMANDS that guilt-ridden Libs like Bearpuf & Prelinger be the FOIST to return all their money & land to the redskins, whom they claim it was 'stolen from'. I have a record circa 1914 of the 'Great White Father in Washington' ( warmonger Woody Wilson soon to give WW1 ) promising to do so by honoring treaties. Director Tom Ince was shot & killed 10 years later by _______( I dare not say ) but the crooked L.A. coroner ruled it 'accidental'.
Recently an L.A. official asks 'who gave drugs to kill Marilyn Monroe?' but doesn't say it was RFK...! Can Libs stand in the way of the Truth when it shows up their Idols???
Reviewer: bearpuf - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 17, 2005
Subject: Something to Think About
This is a surprisingly more accurate portrayal of the way the "white man" handled the follow through of treaties with the Indians. The government probably saw this piece and couldn't bare the truth to the degree of suggesting to Hollywood that it produce history more to its liking.
The film is not complete, but it's clear to where the story is going. Maybe someone ought to run this for the Congress today.
Reviewer: Rick Prelinger - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 14, 2005
Subject: akb, many thanks for contributing this and other films!
This is a real contribution to the site and to public awareness of our film history.
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